Is your heater burning through your energy bills?

Upgrade your ducted gas heating from $2499* installed.

When should I replace my gas heating?

Ducted gas heating systems don’t last forever. In time, what was once your trusty source of comfort can become an energy-hungry pain in the neck.

A well-maintained unit should last 10 to 20 years, but after that time the impact on your wallet will start to increase. Repairs are likely to be bigger, more frequent and more expensive, but even if it is still running strong, older models are far less energy efficient will start to affect your power bill.

If your heating is constantly breaking down or your energy bills are suddenly higher than usual, in might be time to consider replacing your gas heating.


Signs you should replace your gas heater

You’re getting it fixed way too often
If your gas heating system seems to be constantly breaking down, it’s a good sign that it’s past its use-by date. While a new system will be a bigger investment upfront, not having the repair costs will save a lot more in the long run.

High energy bills
Have you noticed your energy bill increasing, even though you haven’t been using any more than usual? Older gas heaters are not only less energy efficient, but use more energy as they age. If you upgrade to a newer, more efficient model you will notice the difference.


What to look for when replacing your heating?

If you decide to replace your ducted heating, look for energy efficient models that have the right features to allow you to use only as much energy as required.

Units such as the Bonaire Replacement Ducted Heating have a modulating gas valve to automatically adjust the gas rate as your home reaches the set temperature. It also has a four-zone control, so you can choose which rooms need to be heated.


Stay cosy for less this winter

If you’ve decided it’s time for more energy efficient heating, investing in a new unit doesn’t have to be expensive. At Lowes Gas, we are offering replacement Bonaire Ducted Heating systems from $2499* installed.

We also have winter specials on our efficient models of flued wall furnaces and space heaters.

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