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When to service your gas appliances this winter

Winter has well and truly set in, and our gas heaters, wall furnaces and hot water systems are getting a workout. But it’s important to remember that any gas appliance should be treated with care to avoid the chance of expensive repairs, injury, or even death. In this article we will look at when to service your gas appliance and why you will want to get it serviced regularly.


When should I service my gas appliance or heater?

You should have an authorised gas fitter service your appliances at least every two years, or at least once a year for appliances over ten years old.

Signs they’re in need of a service include:

  • The appliance is difficult to start (likely a blockage a stopping the pilot from lighting properly)
  • The flames on your stove or water heater look yellow, not blue (carbon monoxide may be present)
  • You have oxidisation on your heating pipes (caused from a build up of copper sulphate)
  • You can smell gas (possibly a gas leak and you should get it attended to urgently

Even if you’re not seeing any of these signs, check when you last got your appliance serviced and book one in if it was more than two years ago, to make sure they stay in good working order and you don’t risk harm to you or your family.


Why do they need a regular service?

All gas appliances should be serviced regularly, no matter how new or well-installed they are.

A gas leak in your home can potentially kill you. It can create carbon monoxide poisoning – a gas that can’t be seen or smelt, and causes headaches, dizziness, and eventually death. Gas leaks can also lead to house fires and explosions.

Continuing to use a gas appliance when it’s not performing properly can cause damage and expensive repairs.

Is there anything worse than losing hot water or heating on a freezing winter night? A regular service will make sure your appliances don’t stop working at the worst possible time.


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